Chamomile: more than a cup of tea

Chamomiles in the nature

chamomile flowers

Today we want to share with you about one of the three “Great C’s” (chamomile, calendula and comfrey). You will find these three lovely medicinal herbs in many of our products and there is good reason for it! First we’ll take an in-depth look at chamomile and see that it has much more to offer than just a cup of tea.



dried chamomile flowers


Chamomile, a small daisy-like flower, has been used as an herbal medicinal for thousands of years. Most people recognize chamomile as the sleep-inducing tea. While in fact consumption of chamomile tea has been studied and shown to relieve anxiety symptoms and promote sleep, it is also very useful in skin care products as well.

Chamomile acts as an emollient on the skin and has also shown anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-cancer activity in various in vitro and animal studies. In addition, chamomile aids wound healing and can even treat minor infections. In two studies involving humans, creams containing chamomile were as effective as hydrocortisone in relieving eczema symptoms.

The two major molecular components of chamomile and it’s extracts are alpha-bisabolol and apigenin, shown below. These molecules are responsible for the many anti-cancer and anti-microbial effects that we see with Chamomile. In addition to these two molecules, there are many other components that contribute to Chamomile’s wonderful medicinal properties.





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white daisies

source: University of Maryland Medical Center’s Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Guide


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