The Dynamic Duo: Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash and Blemish Serum

Harness the antiseptic power of tea tree oil and the soothing properties of chamomile and sunflower in what we like to call our Dynamic Duo.

faceduoPerfect for problem skin, normal to oily skin and blotchy uneven skin tones, this set will gently cleanse and treat your face without any harsh ingredients. Let nature nourish your skin and reveal a more radiant you (and check out this post to read about the amazing properties of chamomile.)

We have received some awesome reviews on these two products. Cindy S. from Tennessee left us some feedback on our facebook page recently:


“I have been using the tea tree foaming facewash for 3 weeks and I love it. My 39 year old face looks better than it ever has. No little bumps, my pores have diminished and that pimple I had….it’s gone! Follow up with a tea tree spot treatment and healing salve….and it’s a miracle!”

Purchase our Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash and Blemish Serum today at our Etsy Shop.


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