Hello from the Wild Earth Family


Hello Wild Earth family!! I just wanted to share some new products we have on our etsy site. We now have a wonderful moisturizing lotion that has a clean crisp scent. We use essential oils to scent these thick, luscious lotions and creams. We also have Lavender Sugar Scrub and Lavender Bath Salts.

This fall we will launch our Wild Earth men’s line. Some of the product we will carry are beard oil, beard balm, natural deodorant, shaving cream, aftershave, moisturizer and a couple other surprises.

Thank you for your continued support as we grow the Wild Earth family!!



From Tree Bark to Aspirin: Herbal Medicine and the Dawn of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Have you ever wondered just how and when the modern age of pharmaceuticals began? Today we dive into a short history lesson to see how it all started.

Quite simply, it all began with a tree–the white willow tree to be exact.

For ages, the bark of the white willow tree was ground up and drank as a tea to reduce fever and pain. The Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, also known as the father of medicine, wrote about how white willow bark eased labor pains and helped reduced fever. All throughout history and even in the bible, we see mention of the use of willow bark.

It turns out that the willow bark contains a substance called Salicin (shown below.) When ingested, it gives rise to the molecule Salicyclic Acid, which just happens to be the active component of Aspirin! Modern day Aspirin actually comes in the form of Acetylsalicyclic acid, shown on the far right, a much more digestable form with fewer side effects to the mouth and esophagus. It still metabolizes in our bodies to the Salicyic Acid form.


It wasn’t until 1763 that this active ingredient from willow bark was isolated and studied by Edward Stone of the University of Oxford. But it would be many years until the compound was fully identified and produced as aspirin.

Case in point–this book I have from 1881 shows that herbal medicine was still the only pharmaceutical industry around to treat ailments at that time.


While chemists began the process of studying white willow bark and it’s pain relieving compound, it was also discovered that Meadowsweet could give rise to the same type of molecule.


Once Salicyclic Acid was isolated from Meadowsweet, it wasn’t long after that Aspirin was mass produced and the pharmaceutical industry was born.

Aspirin as we know it was first synthesized by Felix Hoffmann, a chemist with the German company Bayer in 1897. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Which goes to show that herbal medicine is far from snake oils and hoaxes. It is indeed the place where modern medicine began.

Gift Sets Are Here!

The holiday season is upon us. We are happy to offer gift bags and gift boxes that range in price from $6-35. We are also taking custom orders so you can have something special created just for you and your recipient! Below are just some of the sets we offer.


Peppermint Stocking Stuffer Gift Bag, $6

(1 oz peppermint bath salt + 1 vanilla mint lip balm)


Chai Tea Gift Bag, $9

(1 chai tea soap + 1 orange chai lip balm)


Good Day Sunshine Gift Bag, $11

(1 Good Day Sunshine soap + 1 Good Day Sunshine aromatherapy roll on oil)


Calming Gift Bag, $14

(1 oz calming magnesium spray, 2 oz soothing herbal tea blend, 1 lavender aromatherapy roll on oil)


Face Care Gift Box, $35

(tea tree foaming face wash + spritz toner + serum + face mask/scrub)


Shop now by visiting our Etsy Store.

Sale Alert!

DSC_0766SALE alert!

Fall may have officially arrived, but the bugs are still biting in many parts of the country (especially here in Tennessee). Case in point, I got stung on the head by a wasp this week! So, until the first good freeze hits, the insects will still be around. We’re putting our All Natural Bug Spray on sale since it’s the end of the season. There’s still time to put it to good use, especially on any upcoming fall camping trips. I know my family will still be using it. Grab some now to use until winter. It will still be good for in the spring as well.

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Upcoming Events

fallFall has arrived here in beautiful Tennessee! We’re gearing up for the season by crafting lots of goodies with the delicious scents and flavors of fall.

Help us celebrate autumn by joining us at the Nolensville Farmer’s Market on Saturday, October 18th. We’ll have an array of products, including some items that will get you ready for the season. Please stop by and say hello!

As we schedule more events, we will list them here on our website. Or you can always keep up with our latest happenings over at our FB page.

Also stay tuned for new creations and gift sets for the upcoming holiday season. We’ll have something for everyone, so be sure to start making your lists!


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Our Clear Skin Routine



Our clear skin trio is different from what you will find anywhere else. Pamper and nourish your face with our Foaming Tea Tree Face Wash, Tea Tree Toner and Dead Sea Clay Scrub + Mask. Here’s what makes our skin care products unique:

  • natural
  • botanical based
    • chamomile–helps to soothe and calm skin
    • tea tree oil–an excellent antimicrobial known to promote clear skin
    • witch hazel extract–a gentle astringent
    • sunflower oil– a nourishing moisturizing oil that is light weight and non-comedogenic
  • gentle and non drying
  • suitable for a range of skin types
  • perfect for those who struggle with clear skin
  • hand crafted on a small scale
  • affordable

Visit our Etsy store to learn more.