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body butterBody Butter

I really like this body butter! It is very soothing and moisturizing! Super quick shipping too!


Elle S.

I am using the lip balm and healing salve, Love them! I am 61 yrs old and my skin is thin so I easily scrape my arms just doing housework. The healing salve is amazing, it helps them heal so quickly! I ordered the deodorant and aromatherapy oil this week, cannot wait to try them. I intend to buy 2 products every week until I have them all!

Pamela B.

WooHoo!!! I love EVERY product I’ve tried so far!!
The foaming face wash it fantastic!
The tea is far better than any store bought teas I’ve ever tried.
The healing salve has helped heal a nasty, deep cat scratch.
Love the herbal rollers are divine!!! The peppermint one is great for a headache!

Seriously wonderful, high quality products!

Rachel M.

Received my package from WEA in a very timely manner. Just tried the face wash and my skin feels amazing! Awesome product and awesome service! Cannot wait to try the deodorant I purchased tomorrow!

Karen W.

I have been using the deodorant for a week now and just like I had read in a previous review – it is great! It did not leave white marks on my black tee shirt, it is not sticky and it does not sting if I have recently shaved. I have felt fresh and not concerned about odor. I love that it is a local and natural product!

Hope P.

This is an incredible product! I‘ve been looking for a natural deodorant but was skeptical that I would like this type without an applicator! It is not sticky like some of the other natural products I’ve tried, I’m really happy with this purchase.

Allison H.

I am in love with my Wild Earth Products! I look forward to a relaxing bath using my peppermint bath salts. They are the perfect addition to a relaxing bath at the end of a crazy day. I also really like the tea tree foaming face wash. My face is looking better and better daily. Thank you for quality products that are safe and local.

Rachel Z.

I have been using the tea tree foaming facewash for 3 weeks and I love it. My 39 year old face looks better than it ever has. No little bumps, my pores have diminished and that pimple I had….it’s gone! Follow up with a tea tree spot treatment and healing salve….and it’s a miracle!

Cindy S.

Gotta say I am really loving my Wild Earth deodorant. It works fabulously without any white residue on all my black tees. I don’t mind that it’s not in a stick — what it’s in is just fine. I will definitely be buying another when this one runs out.

Rachel H.